Adult Leader Training

Effective adult leader training plays a key roll in insuring the success of the Royal Rangers program in a church. The Royal Rangers program provides for a great deal of leader training, both within your district as well as national events.

Outpost Leader Advancement Levels

The Outpost Leader Advancement process are a streamlined training process with clear objectives and achievable goals. These combine local training offered by the district and national training events designed to equip leaders with the skills needed to be an effective leader in the local outpost.

National Camps & Conferences

Conducted under the direction of the national Royal Rangers leadership, national training camps & conferences are held at various locations around the country each year.

Continuous Learning Opportunities

In addition to the training opportunities noted above, additional "Continuous Learning Opportunities" are also available. The important thing is to obtain training and improve your leadership skills.

The Rangers Ministry Academy Training Chart provides an overall visual image of the different types of training opportunities, which are either available now or are in development.