Awards Insignia Order of Wear

Royal Rangers awards serve to recognize individuals for their accomplishments in the program.  Some awards may only be earned by boys, others may only be earned by leaders, while others may be earned by either boys or leaders. Awards may be represented by a medal, patch, ribbon, or neck medallion although all formats are not available for all awards. The following "order of wear" defines the awards that may be worn on the uniforms of boys and adults, as well as the order in which award insignia should be worn. When wearing multiple ribbons on a Royal Rangers uniform, the highest-rated item must be worn on the top left (when viewed from the front).

NOTE:  For information on the Awards Vest, click here.

Order of Wear for Adult Leaders

  1. Medal of Valor
  2. Medal of Courage
  3. Gold Medal of Achievement, including with Merit or Honors
  4. National Medal of Merit
  5. FCF Flame of Honor
  6. RRA Lifetime Service Award
  7. National Outstanding Service Award
  8. Medal of Excellence
  9. Missions Project Award
  10. National Executive Leadership Award OR Leaders Gold Star Award (more info)
  11. National Leadership Award OR Leaders Gold Eagle Award (more info)
  12. District Medal of Merit
  13. District Outstanding Service Award
  14. District Executive Leadership Award OR Silver Eagle Awd OR Silver Cluster Awd (more info)
  15. District Leadership Award OR Gold Cluster Award OR Blue Cluster Award (more info)
  16. Pastor’s Award
  17. Outpost Coordinator’s Award OR Senior Commanders Award (more info)
  18. Outpost Leadership Award OR Outpost Commanders Award (more info)
  19. Outpost Service Award OR Outpost Leaders Service Award (more info)
  20. Historical training ribbon (LMA)  (more info)
  21. Trail of the Saber Award
  22. Special Service Award
  23. National Continuous Learning Ribbon  (more info)
  24. District Continuous Learning Ribbon  (more info)
  25. Highest advancement award earned as a boy, other than the GMA  (more info)

Order of Wear for Boys

  1. Medal of Valor
  2. Medal of Courage
  3. Gold Medal of Achievement, with Merit or Honors
  4. National Medal of Merit
  5. National Outstanding Service Award
  6. Missions Project Award
  7. National Leadership Award
  8. District Medal of Merit
  9. District Outstanding Service Award
  10. District Leadership Award
  11. Trail of the Saber Award
  12. Junior Leaders Service Award
  13. E3 Award -OR- Expedition Rangers Achievement Medal
  14. E2 Award -OR- Expedition Rangers Leadership Medal
  15. E1 Award -OR- Expedition Rangers Service Medal
  16. Expedition Rangers Activities Medal
  17. Adventure Gold Award
  18. Adventure Silver Award OR Silver Medal of Achievement
  19. Adventure Bronze Award OR Bronze Medal of Achievement
  20. Gold Eagle
  21. Gold Hawk
  22. Gold Falcon
  23. Ranger Kids Gold Trail Award
  24. Sky Blue Merit Ribbon
  25. Silver Merit Ribbon
  26. Gold Merit Ribbon
  27. Green Merit Ribbon
  28. Brown Merit Ribbon
  29. Red Merit Ribbon
  30. Blue Merit Ribbon
  31. Orange Merit Ribbon